Artfulmind Open mind, Open heart cards

Open mind, Open heart serves to cultivate sound self-leadership - a vital capability for any of us concerned with conducting ourselves, our relationships, our life and work with more grace, dignity and compassion.

Use this tool for the mind for general well-being and growth, as well as to formulate a path of sound self leadership in specific situations. This may be: leading a challenging conversation; contemplating life or career changes; investigating your work in the world ... any circumstances in which you want to make a considered move, confident of your ground.

A system of original graphic symbols, each accompanied by comprehensive text. Set of 50 cards 70x100mm + Comprehensive guidebook: 110 pages / Printed front cover / Kraft board back cover / Black wire binding. Cards and book printed black and white with spot colour. Wool felt pouch: Red + Grey lining / Cotton tape closure. Pack dimensions 200x120x30mm

Created and designed by Dr Natalie McDonagh. Find her at

Type: Artfulmind tool

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