I have been consulting Jules for over 10 years. She is an extraordinary person and a deeply gifted therapist. I initially went to Jules because life back then seemed empty and pointless and I was aware of incipient depression.

Moments into my first session with her, I could feel a remarkable loving energy supporting me to speak. For the first time in my life I felt heard. I felt completely safe. She listened to me with such a vital and deep respect I felt my fears and vulnerabilities were significant and worthy of resolution. Her gentle rigorous questions seemed to pierce my complex camouflage and speak directly to my heart and mind. Jules enabled me to be brave and honest and to consider my whole self with love and compassion. Her searing holistic intelligence spoke to my heart, my mind, my spirit and my body.

Through her clarity and guidance I learnt to listen to myself and trust my own strength and wisdom. I continue to seek her nurturing counsel and feedback. I am forever grateful I found Jules. 

Rebecca, 65 – Melbourne 2019

‘I was first introduced to Jules Taylor at perhaps the lowest point in my life. My marriage had ended, my business was going under and I was fast approaching bankruptcy.

Those early sessions I had with Jules were hard; I felt like I was stuck, staring into a hopeless future but with Jules’ patient and caring guidance I gradually began see the possibilities of being able to move forward again. Regaining my sense of worth and recognising that I was not a prisoner of my situation were key awakenings that would not have been possible without Jules counselling.

I have now emerged from that dark time not only running a successful business, but sharing my life with a wonderful and loving partner (we even occasionally see Jules together to deal with any issues that come up for us as a couple).’

Russell, 62, Melbourne

“I have to say the Jules Taylor’s Unfold process is truly remarkable. She has crafted a totally personal experience, as only a highly experienced, skilled and heart-connected practitioner could. It’s as if her whole life experience has prepared her to present this unique offering.

I was able to work through a very deep issue that was in the way of me fully living my life. An issue I had avoided, thinking it would take me years of therapy. The ability Jules has to hold, challenge, support and offer truly amazing insight has guided me through this issue in an intense but relatively short timeframe.

She works with great compassion, humility, heartfelt humor, grace and ease.

She is truly remarkable?”

Betty Sheppard


Jules Taylor is kind, compassionate, patient and accepting, this is how Jules works and what Jules imparts. Jules taught me the importance of being kind to myself in order to be kind to others and helped me create a structure that helps me live to my own values. The compassion and love that I felt when I learnt meditation from Jules stays with me during my own practice.

Elissa O'Brien