Artfulmind Think

Give your thinking a radical boost. Artfulmind® Think is an extremely versatile tool that can be applied to any circumstances needing fresh, effervescent thinking and vibrant ideas: more productive meetings; developing business strategy; designing new products and services; innovating communication campaigns; fund raising; creating cultural change - you name it. Although designed primarily for use in teams and groups, this tool for the mind works equally well for thinking alone.

Diverse, divergent, bold graphic designs mingling illustration, photography, collage, typography, found images. Set of 50 cards 95x135mm + 8 page gatefold instruction pamphlet. Both printed in full colour. Wool felt pouch: Dark green + Blue or Lime or Mauve lining / Cotton tape closure. Pack dimensions 200x120x35mm

Created and designed by Dr Natalie McDonagh. Find her at

Type: Artfulmind tool

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